USA 2018 OCTOBER 11-12

Call for Papers - SymfonyLive USA 2018

We would like to invite the North American Symfony Community to participate in the Call for Papers for this event. For this conference, we are looking for:

  • Highly technical talks related to Symfony and its ecosystem.
  • Original talks that haven't been delivered in previous conferences.

All sessions should last for 40 minutes, Q&A included. We usually receive a lot of repeated talk proposals. We tend to receive many similar subject proposals, so please consider sending several ideas to increase your chances of being selected.

Selection Criteria

These are some of the criteria used in the talk selection process:

  • Real-life use cases of Symfony (any project size will be considered, not only the big ones) are prioritized over theoretical talks.
  • Symfony related talks are prioritized over generic PHP talks.
  • Talks about projects closely related to Symfony (Monolog, Doctrine, etc.) are prioritized over third-party projects.
  • As long as they are focused on Symfony development, the following themes are priority: DevOps, testing, microservices, e-commerce, integration with other projects
  • If you want to present your talk with someone else, please note that we cover speaker expenses for only one speaker (conference ticket included) and that only one speaker will be listed on the conference program.
  • When you submit your talk description, be sure that you have the right to speak publicly about the project or topic you will present during the conference (all information mentioned in your talk submission will appear on the website). All topics which require approval to be announced will not be considered.

Terms and Conditions

  • Proposals must be sent before the 8th of July 2018.
  • All sessions will be recorded in video and published after the conference. By submitting a proposal you consent to be recorded and waive any rights or compensation for it.
  • A technical committee will select the sessions among the proposals received at the closing deadline.
  • The selected speakers will be contacted by email.
  • American speakers are eligible for up to $200 travel cost reimbursement; Non-American speakers are eligible for up to $600 travel cost reimbursement and both are eligible for up to 2 nights accommodations. All speakers will receive a free conference ticket.

To submit a proposal for SymfonyLive USA 2018, login with your SensioLabsConnect account or create one.